Modern architecture places more and more emphasis on the integration of natural materials in the design of spaces. Our natural materials promote a feeling of comfort and conviviality in a space and create beautiful spaces characterized by individuality and exclusivity.

Experience the unique feel of real tree bark tiles & Shou sugi ban as wall coverings & claddings and more from our natural product line.Whatever your choice, the highest quality is assured!


Application examples:

Office, living space design, wellness and relaxation rooms, restaurants and hotels, reception and conference rooms and trade fairs

We use the natural tree bark tiles to cover walls and other surfaces. It creates a pleasant room climate and has good insulation properties.

Our natural tree bark has a rough, contrasting surface texture on which wind and weather have left their traces. Natural colour tones vary between light and dark brown.

Natural Tree Bark at a glance:

  • 100% natural
  • Up to 80% sound absorbing
  • Easy installation

Natural Tree Bark


Virgin cork bark mounted on a cork carrier board


900mm x 600mm standard


Following the Japanese tradition Yakisugi (to preserve wood by burning), we also developed a process which gives wood surfaces a noble, burnt character.

The black wood is finished with high-quality oils, waxes or varnishes and can be combined with gold applications or other materials, depending on the project.


The carbon layer of Marugame has a distinctive, regular pattern and the silvery sheen of the layer gives Marugame a different look depending on the angle of the sunlight. The tough carbon layer makes Marugame ideal as a durable outdoor finish, but it is also very well suited for use in any interior.


The contrast between the dark and light parts of the wood gives Sakaide a beautiful, rustic look.
Sakaide exudes a timeless but warm atmosphere on walls and with other interior applications, such as tables and benches.


Application examples:

Façade coverings, modern interiors and special customized bespoke furniture

Natural Slate Veneer combines the natural stone surface of slate with the flexibility of a veneer. Thanks to a special technique, only a fraction of the natural material is required in the manufacturing process. There are many new applications for this flexible composite material with a thin backing layer. It comes into its own wherever pure slate would be too heavy, too inflexible or too thick. That means slate can, for instance, also be used on rounded or curved surfaces, as well as in conjunction with other materials. With its flexible material properties, slate veneer opens up numerous new application opportunities for natural slate.


Slate Veneer




1220mm x 2440mm Standard