Aluminum Composite Panel - Alcobond

Alcobond, Aluminium Composite Panels, has a widespread network of affiliates in major construction industry growth areas around the world, is a truly international player, with our licensed manufacturing facilities delivering premium quality architectural facade products to the most discerning customers. Alcobonds brands of ALCOBOND ® Aluminum Composite Panels, and our fire-retardant panel, ALCOBOND ® FIRESHIELD, for use in building facades, exteriors and interiors, and shop fronts and signage, are produced utilizing only the best raw materials, state of the art technology and strict quality control.

Excellent torsion strength

Manufactured using the most advanced equipment and strict quality control, the premium ALCOBOND ® panel is designed for exterior and high stress use. The panel features excellent torsion strength and bending strength under heavy loads.

Superb impact resistance

The panels have good impact resistance, toughness and bending rigidity. They will not be damaged or abraded by sand.

Easy processing and installation

The panels are lightweight (3.5-5.5kg/m2) and therefore easy to process. All cutting, milling, planning, slotting, side folding and curving can be easily carried out using simple tools. Both indoor and outdoor installation can be implemented simultaneously, so as to increase work efficiency and decrease working time.

Exceptional weather resistance

The ALCOBOND ® panel is coated with fluorocarbon (PVDF) resin. It has strong adhesion, alkali resistance, pollution resistance and chalking resistance to ultraviolet light, with a 20 year life span.

Even coating and numerous colors

The application of the latest American and European coating technology enables us to produce a variety of colors of your choice.

Easy maintenance

The panels can be easily cleaned with water.