Artificial Turf - Indus Grass ®

Indus Grass ® artificial grass products are the most innovative turf you can get. The grass fibers are V-shaped, which is copied from natural grass, to make it look indistinguishable from real. Our Micro Nerve Technology (MiNT) gives the artificial grass a matt, silky colour and minimum glare. The backbone of the fibers make them stand up for a longer time than other artificial grass brands. Our grass is safe for children, animals and environment and meets international standards. A durable and beautiful solution for your garden, balcony or even indoor use!

Indus Grass ® ECOSENSE

With a length of 40mm, Indus Grass ® EcoSense not only looks attractive, it also feels wonderful super-soft and springy. This type of lawn turf is special, because it is 100% recyclable, in other words cradle-to-cradle. After use, this artificial grass type is unique in that it can be reused to produce new lawn turf. We chose the product name to combine the wonderful feel of the grass with its sustainable characteristics: EcoSense! Indus Grass ® EcoSense is a beautiful summer green lawn turf, which fits in well with our climate, both in summer and winter. The mix of green and beige-coloured blades of grass lends it a natural appearance. With a length of 40 mm, the artificial lawn look luxurious and well kept. Most importantly, it feels incredibly soft and resilient under your bare feet.


  • Unique V-shape grass fibers
  • A full grassy density
  • Fitted with supporting rootzone
  • 40 mm tall grass blades
  • A natural appearance
  • Beautiful, intense green colour
  • 100% cradle-to-cradle

Indus Grass ® ULTRA

The powerhouse in our range. Elegantly muscular and exceptionally strong at the same time. The perfect candidate for public spaces that are used intensively and are often thread upon.

Additional Advantage

Its natural looks. This is not just a great powerhouse, but also a very handsome boy to look at.

Perfect for

  • Multifunctional sports fields and playing grounds
  • Soccer fields
  • Indoor locations that are used intensively
  • Day-care centres, nurseries and schools