Self Watering Planters - Boskke

Self Watering Plant is deceptively simple, consisting of a hanging potted houseplant turned upside down. But upon closer inspection we can see that Morris didnít stop there. The Sky Planter actually uses a ground-breaking internal reservoir system that feeds water directly to the roots without leaks or evaporation, using up to 90% less water than ordinary pots. The system locks in the soil so thereís no mess, and our favorite part is that you only have to water your plant once or twice a month!

Maintenance procedures

Water must be kept in the reservoir at all times.
Keep your indoor temperature between 15oC and 25oC.
Keep your light source medium to high.
Avoid direct air flow from a heater or air conditioner.

Installation procedures

The Boskke Sky Planter is a complete indoor sky planter kit. It comes with all the necessary pieces for quick home or office installation*.

Ceiling Hanging
1. Attach the hook to the ceiling.
2. Hang the sky planter with the stainless cable.
(*The water reservoir must be kept full during the first two days after assembly so that the substrate can properly hydrate.)

Watering procedure

The Boskke Sky Planter works by capillary action water absorption. The characteristics of plants in a Sky Planter differ from those rooted in a pot because the root system constantly receives water. Be sure to keep your Sky Planter plants in a well-lit environment, maintain a consistent indoor temperature between 15oC and 25oC, and ensure the water reservoir is kept full.