Moss Wall - Verde Profilo


How about a touch of nature with a little drama! Our Moss art walls can be created to fit any location. They are 100% real moss and can be customized with elements from nature such as lichen and natural woods. They can be combined with Living Walls to create an amazing picture.

Moss Walls are hot! We have samples in our showroom and they can stand alone or join a living wall for a really cool look. They can be adapted to suit your space and design by adding branches or succulents and can be custom made to any size.

In 2009 discovered a way of preserving the natural lichen using a 100% ecological application which would allow the lichen to be placed onto a base allowing it to be fixed to walls and it was this invention that led to the patent of Verdeprofilo. Verdeprofilo has many unique features but perhaps the most important is that it requires no maintenance and is the ultimate synergy of nature and design. Handmade in Italy and shipped globally; Verdeprofilo is the world leader in this type of material application. However Verdeprofilo is not simply a beautiful product it also has an important function, by natural default of the lichen it is certified for acoustically absorbent. In real terms this means that areas suffering from high levels of reverberation or echo, can be efficiently controlled through the use of Verdeprofilo. Verdeprofilo is created from a natural lichen that is used for indoor use. After harvesting, from sustainable sources, the Verdeprofilo is stabilized and undergoes anti-static treatment to avoid the capture of dust. Due to its molecular structure Verdeprofilo requires a relative humidity of 40 to 50% and doesnt like to be placed into direct sunlight. However due to the preservation and anti-static treatment Verdeprofilo is 100% zero maintenance. Each floret of Verdeprofilo is carefully handled by the factory staff as they discard the unwanted basal section, which is recycled for future use for another application. It is then carefully placed, by hand, into the tray. Upon completion of this stage the trays go through to quality control prior to being packed for shipping. Verdeprofilo represents the system required to display your design. Whether you wish to simply fix to a wall or have a modular, freestanding wall there is a full system to accommodate your requirements. Verdeprofilo is fully guaranteed for 4 years from the date of purchase and is also full tested and certified for fire, acoustic and antibacterial control. Available in 22 colours (ranges: Ocean, Forest, Desert, Black, White and Grey). Verdeprofilo can be utilised in a number of ways for corporate branding, unique interior design, sound control, light solutions, furnitures, or simply to bring nature indoors. There really is no limit as to what can be designed from Verdeprofilo.