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There’s so much more to a plant than goes on above the soil. Our transparent Cube lets you see the whole show, soil, water and roots.

They also make use of Slo-Flo irrigation technology so only require watering once every couple of weeks. Floor space is a precious commodity.

Ceiling space not so much. The Sky Planter is more than a stylish upside down plant pot though. It’s crafted with beautiful stoneware ceramic and uses the Boskke Slo-Flo irrigation system providing your plant with water for up to two weeks at a time The Sky Planter Recycled wastes nothing.

It doesn’t take up any floor space, it is made from recycled plastic, and its Slo-Flo irrigation system meters out the water your plant needs for up to two weeks between refills.

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Greenhill  Moosbilder und Mosswände. Rundes Moosbild in einem matt-schwarzem Aluminiumrahmen eingefaßt, hängt über einem großen Sofa.
Polstermoos im Rahmen auf weißer Wand
düner Streifen Polstermoos
Mooswand und Buchstaben aus Polstermoos